About us

We are here with the dream of bringing great coffee to the neighbourhood. Customer service & quality are our values that keep the regulars coming back for more. Our employees are amazing and a huge part of our success.

It was chosen because we wanted to provide a place where people in the community could get together and relax Our Cafe is about superior coffee and service. Each drink is made to order to the customer's personal liking. We believe in good old fashioned drinks, we stir the sugar in our hot coffees; we melt the sugar in our iced coffees and mix them "bartender style" with a mixing cup. We use three different types of the highest quality chocolate in our frozen cocoa and heat the milk by hand when we make hot cocoa. We use real ingredients and the drinks are all hand made. We believe in eye contact and real smiles and creating an experience for the customer is our priority. We know that without the customer, none of us have a job. At our cafe, having the same person taking your order and handing it to you ensures that your order is right. Come on in, grab a hotlatte, sit back and relax. Kasaanu is waiting to serve you. We strive for excellence in food, drink, atmosphere and service. The Kasaanu experience was designed with quality, comfort, and style built in. The interior design was created to evoke the ambiance of a trendy coffeehouse that blends comfort with contemporary style. The colors and style that surround you are relaxing and the natural light coming in their giant windows accentuate the wood floors and ceramic details. Our menu also changes from time to time. New food items are always in the works and will keep you coming back to see what else is new. If you like True Coffee Roasters, Kasaanu serves it up fresh and hot.Our smoothies are all natural and iced drinks are great on days when you just need to cool off. Kasaanu offers a meeting point that is perfect for real estate agents, sales representatives, and other professionals that need a place to meet.

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